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Our New Seasonal Health and Wellbeing programme is starting in February 2024.

Our retreats are in keeping with seasonal health and wellbeing through the lifestyle practices of Holistic health and Yoga. The Retreats are run by Michelle Cheesbrough and Deb Beaumont,Yoga teachers and Holistic health Pratitioners.

Autumn Retreat

We will explore nourishing practices of Yoga, Meditation, Earth Walks and Holistic Health practices to keep us well throughout the changing season of Autumn-Winter, to rest, reflect and restore before the festive season begins.

Dates: TBC
Times: Friday 4pm  – Sunday 4pm



Autumn is the perfect time to rest and nourish ourselves as the fading light recedes into winter. Our yoga practice can reflect with this time in nature where all around us the trees and plant life let go of the years growth and retreat to the more spacious and quiet time of winter.

We can discover the practices of movement that keep us energised. The meditations to kindle the light within which we carry over the winter months. Relaxation and Restorative practices to release tension from the body and to mentally let go of what no longer serves us. Resting to restore our energy.

Holistic Health

Part of the Holistic view in Yoga is Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and places great emphasis on finding balance by encouraging the maintenance of health through through lifestyle practices such as yoga, healthy eating, aromatherapy and massage

We will explore these within our Autumn theme to nourish our senses.

Earth Walks

These are walking practices that blend the physical aspects of exercise with the unending mysteries of nature . We can deepen our connection to nature through the season when we walk with either intention, a question or in a multi – sensory way which is a walk which has a flow to encourage new perspectives .

Through walking we can look at our lives and our place in the grand scheme of things. The walks around Belsey bridge are easy and take in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

For more information about the retreat, to register your interest or to book a place, please contact Michelle